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Y SJ stupid muted and banned me

Nanda Jul 14, 2019

  1. Nanda

    Nanda Naan Oru Fraud Punda

    Hi forum good noon.

    I asked A question to Admin SARCASTIC JOKER. Stated y u Didn't able to ban SELFISH PUNDAYIL Nick name he is abuisng all. Ne evlo kasu vanguna nu athuku Ena ban and mute panitaru ithu y I know the reason... All are irritated due to his name... Can't able to block him already I made a complaint related that but still forum not took any action for that. Now same I asked he banned and muted me. This is a way of fuck to encourage spammer. Really I disappointed .

    Here I attached my screen shot copy tooo need any reply for banned and muted...

    Attached Files:

  2. Administrator

    Administrator Listen to the silence, See through the darkness Staff Member

    @Nanda simple oru vishayam kedkirean, neenga govt office ku poreenga for some reason. Anga poi anga irukkira officer ungala sign pottu thara mudiyaathu veliyaa ponga nu sollitaarunu vechikonga?

    Dai stupid officer ne ellam oru aaala da nu kedpeengala? Unga kuraigalai kedkura alavuku proumaiyaa complaint pannuvengala?.

    Ban pannina kovam varum ok, athukaaga ippadi public la vanthu dai stupid joker nu sollurathu sari ella.

    For past two weeks we have a bug in the chat, which gave a fine leverage for those abusers to use a username without any limits on the characters. So admins can't able to ban or block them out of the room.

    Day before yesterday dhaan fix panninom, now deleting all those unwanted names from database when we encounter one in the room.

    Vishayam enanu theriyaama thevai ellama vera admins ah poi thittatheenga, avangaluku 1000 works irukkum and reasons irukkum. Edhuvum theriyaama thaam dhoomnu kuthikirathunaala dhaan intha pirachanaiyeaa so. Neengaley oru mudivuku vanthu unga thavarai unarnthu mannipu kettkurathu naagareegam.

    Adhey pola, oru admin ah reason and valid information kuduthuirukean, பொறுமையாக படித்தமைக்கு நன்றி.
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  3. SarcasticJoker

    SarcasticJoker Administrator

    @Nandha nee periya yokkiyan mari pesriya ? Nee nick abusive ha irku nu pesura apo admins abuse panna pathu summa irkanum ?
    Epadi ungalku kovam vantha thitti povinga nanga vaaiya mooditu chuma irkanuma ? First nee olunha pesina na ean ban poda poran nee potiya screen shot. nee ban ean vanguna inga na attach pani irkan zoom pani paru