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You are not here

Bedazzle Charm Aug 28, 2017

  1. In the world of darkness, There is no sun and no moon

    It is so empty here now and the pain in my heart

    You are not there, to wake me up with your sweet nudge

    There won't be any chance of seeing your warm brown eyes

    The precious moments and fond recollections are still treasured in my heart

    You are not here 

    This is unhappy twisted fate which made me leave you

    You stood with arrogance and pride

    I am sorry that I broke your heart

    I could never forget the look you gave me when I left you

    You are not here to cuddle in the middle of night

    To comfort me in thunder and stormy nights

    You taught me what is unconditional love

    Your favorite couch is vacant now

    The house is empty and there is no one to greet me when I come home

    The happiness and joy you brought home is gone now

    Nothing seems the same now

    It's darkness all around me...

    :heart: ~ Lost Love ~ :heart:
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  2. Broken Sorrow

    Broken Sorrow New Member


    Areyyy dont worry yaar,someday someone special will knock your dooor ,dont be with anyone who doesnt make u happy yaar ,chilll.jst forget and move on yaar,forget the past and wait for the right moment yar someone is still there outside waiting to make your world wonderful place.Life s a bliss when u find that perfect person yaar.Nice lines yar we have been in that place remember this is just temporary .............
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  3. I m so sorry that my post made the illusion that about a person sorry It was about my 4 legged furry friend I was forced to give away for personal reasons..The home is empty without him and Yes its love too right
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  4. Broken Sorrow

    Broken Sorrow New Member

    Sorry about that :)